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Don’t question having a Mentor…..JUST HAVE ONE!

booklaunchI remember when I decided to quit my job as a legal secretary and become a millionaire in real estate! I started with Carleton Sheets’ course. Once it arrived, I was to read it and take action. Yeah, right! I found that between my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and taking care of my children, I was busy and distracted, so the course sat on my shelf collecting dust. About 6 months later, I got a call from Carleton Sheets’ organization asking if I wanted to be in their Mentor Program. How much? They said $2,000.00. At that time, I had to make a crucial decision that would change my life.

Did I just want to “dream” about leaving my 9 to 5 job or did I really want to take action and make it happen? I thought about it for a couple of days and I said “YES!!” The training was just the start. I was able to purchase 6 homes following the course. Working in my home environment with so many interruptions was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I can tell you one thing, if it wasn’t for the Mentor pushing me….I would have given up and quit!

Just like many of you reading this article, I attended multiple boot camps and ordered over $250,000 worth of courses. The only difference between where I am in real estate and where you are, is that I took action and hired a Mentor to continue to push me forward and hold me accountable. And a Mentor gives you the answers to EVERY question you have! I am only quoting one of my students, “Having Kimberlee is like having personal access to your own magical Real Estate Encyclopedia! She has answers and solutions for everything!” That’s gotta give you some relief right there about what a Mentor can do for you! Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual learners and have to come to a class room and be taught, other people have to physically do a transaction to understand the process, and then some can pick up a book and do exactly as it says in the course and become successful.

The reason I am writing to you is to encourage each and every one of you to take a stand and change your life and take action….NOW! You know what you have to do to move forward in your career as a real estate investor, whether it is to come to a classroom and learn, physically do a transaction or just pick up the course that you have on your floor, dust it off, and do it!!!

When choosing a Mentor, you do need to look at what they have accomplished. If they have “been there and done that” and have the t-shirt to prove it, then hire them. Once you hire them, it is your job to follow thru and participate! Each of my mentor students progress at their own pace. What I mean is when life gets in their way with all the interruptions, I make sure they don’t stray too far. If they follow instructions and keep marketing, which is the number one reason why real estate investors fail is that they stop marketing , then they make money. The student’s effort and intention controls the payoff in the end. But Kimberlee, you say, “I don’t know how to do this or that, or I always get stuck at how to prepare correct paperwork to protect me, or I don’t know how to negotiate or talk to buyers or get liens released, etc.” Your only job is to focus on the “what” and let your Mentor focus on the “how.” You just tell me what your desired end result is….what do you want in the pipeline by Dec 2013? And then let me guide you step-by-step on how to get there.

I want to tell you about two successful students of mine–a daughter/father team. They have been my Mentor Program students for almost 1 year. During that time, they closed on a couple of deals that I wasn’t involved in as a partner, which means that I didn’t share in the profits of the sale. To clarify, I still discussed these deals with them every week and mentored them on exactly how to proceed over each hump, but they made all the profits. They could not have closed these deals without the mentoring, though; there were several roadblocks I tore down for them that they simply did not have the experience to overcome.

Another deal in which we are partnering is a house in Ft. Lauderdale that is closing on August 15th. It was a short sale where the student made an offer thru the MLS. The real estate agent was the negotiator and Ocwen kept increasing the price. I wanted to buy the property at $180,000. However, the student offered $190,000 based on the real estate agent’s unwillingness to submit any offer for less. The bank countered back at $201,000 and I wasn’t happy with that amount. I immediately took over the negotiating on the file with the consent of the real estate agent. I got an authorization from the Seller and I argued value on the property. We purchased the property on June 16th. In order to increase our profit for a big cash return, we chose to do a rehab. The house wasn’t in that bad of condition at all except for a 2nd story balcony issue on the front of the home. We purchased the property for $190,000 (yes, you read that right, we did not counter higher) and with all the rehab costs, we have $220,000 invested in the property. We installed new cabinets and granite countertops throughout, lighting fixtures, new hot water heater and several other things. I personally met this student at the house and taught her one-on-one and hands-on how to rehab a house. This is priceless time to have with a Mentor.

We formed the plan of what we were going to do to the house and I used my crew and some sub contractors. The house value was increased by $50,000 for only $25,000 in repairs. Normally, I do not list the property for sale thru the MLS, however, we did at a 2% commission for the selling agent and received 5 contracts immediately. The highest offer was $310,500 and that was accepted. When all the smoke clears, the total profit will be approximately $68,000 with a profit to the students of $34,000. Without a Mentor teaching her short sales and rehabs, she would not have been able to do the deal. So, what would you like to do? Make Ten$ of Thou$and$ or make zero? All I’m saying is that a Mentor is a very small investment compared to the very LARGE profit advantages! Just ask my students! My students are like family to me and I work with them one-on-one through each and every deal to ensure their success!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Stop making excuses, as they steal your dreams! Our market throughout is very hot right now! Find a Mentor today so you will become successful!!

I look forward to providing you with future tips, so stay tuned or join me at my next boot camp.

Happy Negotiating + Happy Rehabbing + Happy Mentor = Happy Profits!

Kimberlee Frank

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Road Rage on US-417 in Florida – Do you have a Road Block?

I was driving Saturday night on US-417 minding my own business heading home from a real estate seminar.  There were hardly any cars on the road.  I watched a car come up behind me and stay behind me for a couple of minutes.  He didn’t flash his lights like most inpatient people do, he decided to go around me and then get in front of me and slow down.  He didn’t cut me off or anything he just got in front of me.  Since I had my car on cruise doing 5 over the speed limit, I had to slow down or I had to pass him.  I decided since there were no cars other than the two of us that I would just get in the other lane and put my cruise back on and pass him.  All of a sudden when I was coming up to the side of him, he decided to swerve in the lane that I was in and slammed on his brakes.  I thought “OMG” what the heck is he doing.  I slammed on my brakes and then changed lanes to pass him on the left.  He did it again!!  I thought “OMG” what is he doing?  Is he drunk?  Is he mad at me for something?  Or … Is he mad at my marketing message on my car (look at the picture of the car).    I tried to take a picture of the back of his car with the license plates so that I could report him but he slammed on his brakes so fast, I literally almost hit him as I dropped my telephone.    I didn’t even have time to call the police for help!!!

Did this cause Road Rage?

All I wanted to know was WHY?  What was his problem?  After about 10 minutes of being cut off from lane to lane and him slamming on his brakes, I turned on my bright lights.  I was determined that I was going to get next to him and ask him “WHY”?  I know many of you would want to pull next to him and ask him are you freakin crazy?  Do you have a death wish?  Or, pull over and I will really give you a piece of something !@?  We finally got a few more cars involved in the Road Rage.  I let a few cars pass me, then I got behind them.  The cars couldn’t pass him and he boxed me in and … I didn’t get close enough to look at him through his dark tinted windows so I could SCREAM at him.  I decided I didn’t have a death wish and whatever the “WHY” was it didn’t matter anymore.  What mattered was I wasn’t going to die for him so I had to make a change.  Not that I had to give up on where I was going, I just needed to change lanes and move in the same direction.  However this time, I needed to be selective as to which speed and lane I needed to go in this is the same in life.  It is time for you in life to change lanes and keep going.

Road Rage comes into our life in all forms.  What was working in 2008 is not working now.  We all need to know when it is time to change lanes and speed back up to get to the finish line.  Have you started your real estate career whether you are an investor or realtor and you have run into road blocks? Are you a Seller who has no idea of how they are ever going to own a home again?  Are you saying “OMG” what is going on?  What should I do?   I have decided to have you change lanes to the fast lane and lead you to the finish line.  It doesn’t matter what career you are in or what type of real estate investing you are considering as I have done it all and I mentoring on all types of deals and professions or if you are just looking to buy a home again. I want to provide you with the “WHY” that keeps coming up in your vocabulary.   I want to personally mentor you for 60 days for Free.  Yes, you heard me correctly FREE.  I want to start your engines again and take you all the way to the finish line.  Our economy is perfect for you to be successful in real estate. Yes, this includes Sellers who have been through foreclosure.   All I need you to do is call my office at 407-888-3433 and raise your hand and say “YES, I need to start my engine”.  I am limiting this mentorship for the first 30 people and once it filled it is filled.  Take Action NOW!  Call my office now at 407-888-3433 and let me take you to the next level in 2012.  There are no strings attached!

God Bless,

Kimberlee Frank

PS.  Consider this my Christmas Gift to you!


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