Short Sale versus ForeclosureSeller sells Kissimmee Florida Home after leaving the home vacant with the help of Sell Fast Realty listing and negotiating the short sale.

Ken had been trying to sell his home prior to listing with Evelyn Good at Sell Fast Realty for sometime on his own. He went to and clicked on Sell My House Florida.  It was easy for Sell Fast Realty to obtain a buyer on this property within 2 weeks.  However, the house had been vacate for sometime so once we received the short sale approval on the property, the buyer needed to have an inspection.

Our contracts that are signed by the Sellers and Buyers always have the following language to protect our Sellers 1)This offer is subject to the Mortgage Companies taking a discount acceptable to the Sellers and waiving the deficiency judgment and 2)Buyer will be responsible to turn on the utilities for inspection.

The Buyer went to have the water turned on and found out that there was a water usage bill do in the amount of $42.00 which the Seller agreed to pay.  The Buyer had their inspection on the property and found several things wrong with the property.  Since the Buyer was obtaining FHA financing, the Buyer was required to make the repairs pursuant to the verbage that I included on the contract.

After all the repairs where made we were getting ready to go to closing then BAM! – 3 other liens showed up on title.  Two liens were for mowing the grass($550.00) and the other lien was a Target Visa Judgment that was against the Seller in the amount of $4,200.  I contacted the Mortgage Company’s Mitigator(Negotiator) and was informed that the Mortgage Company would not pay for the liens.  I didn’t take no for an answer. (Go and click on Using a Realtor to Sell a House Fast Tab)

The Buyer was upset that they spent money on a house and now there were 3 more liens that needed to get cleared up prior to closing.  The Mortgage Broker and the other realtor was willing to contribute money towards the liens to sell the property but I didn’t want them to do that when I knew I could get the the Mortgage Company to pay these liens in order to sell the property.

First, I needed to call the Attorney for the Target Visa Judgment and negotiate a settlement.  The loan had been transferred to another attorney who said “the entire amount needs to be paid off”.  I laughed and said I wish they could but you see, the first mortgage is taking a discount, the second mortgage is taking $3,000 and the first Mortgage Company will not allow you to get paid 100% on this Judgment.  I informed them that this was a HAFA program and the most they could get was 6% which equals $252.00.  The Attorney said “NO”.  I then called Target Visa department and got a hold of their legal department who gave me a supervisor.  The supervisor and I did a conference call to the Senior Attorney handling the collection of the Visa Judgment and he agreed to accept the $252.00.  I told him about the conversation I had with the other attorney in his firm and he said because I knew someone at Target Visa was the only reason that I got this approved.  In other words, because I knew what I am doing I got my short sale approved.

The Seller and the Buyer closed with the Realtors and the Mortgage Broker receiving full payment for services rendered.  We have in-house negotiation which allows our Sellers to relax and let us do all the short sale negotiating for them without having all the worries.

I teach short sale negotiating and I have a 9 CD series available at with examples of how to get your deals done.  I have saved Sellers over 37 Million Dollars and counting.

Below is the Video of the Seller – Ken who was excited to say good-bye to his home before the 2012 Deadline of not having pay taxes on the short fall amount.

Let’s all work together as a team and help Sellers, Buyers, Realtors and Mortgage Brokers when it comes to selling and buying houses.  We all need to help sellers conduct a short sale versus foreclosure.

Saving Sellers $37 Million and Counting!!!

Kimberlee Frank

(407) 888-3433


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I need to share my personal experience attending the Masters Touch International Church, 555 Markham Woods,  Longwood, Florida.  I know you all thought I was going to talk real estate today but I need to share how FAITH keeps this world going and how is a big part of my life and the Orlando Community taking care of thousands of people.


They have so many outreach programs helping the communities in addition to handing out thousands of loaves of bread not only to their members but to local organizations.


If you attended my training you know that I have Joel Osteen as a book I recommend that you read to help you go to the next level …. Well I can tell you Bishop Mark Chironna has inspired me to a new level.  You can watch him on the internet or attend church with me on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. and Sundays at 9 and 11 a.m.   Join me and sit with me if you would like!


NO ONE likes to talk about religion as they believe it will offend someone.  Well I am not that person so if I have offended you by my email .. please get over it as I need to share.  Everyone has FAITH of some sort.  Many people call it their gut feeling.  I call it God.


I was raised in a quiet bapist church in Michigan.  When I came to Florida I attended several churchs, Oviedo Bapist, Carillon Methodist and a Presbyterian Church all in Oviedo.  One Church members came into my own home and offended my 82 year old mother over her faith. I was so upset. I never found the right church home.  When I first walked into The Masters Touch in Longwood after listening to Bishop Mark Chironna I was overwhelmed.  I have never cried in church before in my life, I started crying and had goose bumps.  I had never felt the holy spirit as strong as I did in this Church.  I have never been so alive.  I believe it was because of the word of the Bishop.


I helped Frank McKinney build 5 houses in Haiti and I always asked why doesn’t he do something locally.  He told me that the cost was so high here.  The Masters Touch International Church helps people locally and needs your help to continue to do so.


You all know that I pride myself at Selling Houses Fast using all the techniques that I teach in my system.  Last weekend on Saturday and Sunday I had an Open House/Auction in Lakeland and found a cash buyer that will close on September 30 and I get paid thousands of dollars too!  I hated to missed church but I needed to sell this house for my ex-sister-in-law.  I always pray before I do anything and guess what?  I got an answer.  I sold the house in 3 days.  Yes, I do believe I sold it with the help of my system but also with God’s help.


I had attended many churches and really didn’t understand the importance of tithing 10% of my income.  When I started to attend The Masters Touch for the first time ever, I started reading the bible every night.  I learned in the bible about the importance of tithing not because God say’s that he will return it to you 100 fold but because the church helps so many people and I realized that without my contribution they could not continue.


I truly believe that the American people are under attack from the devil.  That’s right you heard me – the devil.  I have met so many people who are going through hard times by loosing their homes, their families, their jobs and most of all their FAITH.  I am telling you to stay strong with your FAITH and don’t stop tithing at least 10% of what you have as it will be returned to you.


If you need a Church to belong to, the Masters Touch Church is it, if you need to donate to a worthly cause, the Masters Touch Church is it, no matter what you have – clothes, furniture, money or a church home.  I am asking you to take a stand today for The Masters Touch Church and take action today by going to and donate.  I am also asking that you watch the web broadcast so you can listen to the Bishop and receive the word that you need weekly.


Here is a link from



I want to thank you for taking the time today to help change the lives of so many people in Orlando by donating to The Masters Touch Church.  May God bless you and your family 100 fold!


God Bless You,


Kimberlee Frank


P.S.  If you need my assistance on anything, I am giving you 15 minutes to call me about any type of deal or problem that you have FREE of charge so that I too many bless you during your time of need.  Call the office at 407-888-3433 and schedule a time.


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Have you heard that the Banks make foreclosure mistakes when they foreclose on Sellers?  Well, they do!  On Monday, September 19, 2011, Sell Fast Realty assisted Sellers who thought that the bank had taken their property to foreclosure and they didn’t own it any more by selling the property on a short sale.  Let me tell you what happened.

The Sellers had their property for sale with Sell Fast Realty for over a year during the time when 60 minutes announced all the Banks foreclosure mistakes.  We had a buyer and were working the short sale, however; the bank did not want to do the short sale and took it to foreclosure.  At least, that is what they thought.  After several months from the time of the foreclosure, the house was then listed with an REO (real estate owned) Agent to sell.  The REO Agent spent money to repair the property because the agreement with the bank is that the agent would receive payment back for all repairs done to the property when the property was sold.  As to how much the agent spent, I am not sure but I sure would have hated to be that agent.  A Selling Agent found the Buyer and made an offer to the Bank and they accepted.  The Buyer spent money on inspection and appraisal to get a mortgage and later found out from the title company that the Bank did not have clear title due to their foreclosure mistakes.  The foreclosure action was then rescinded which meant that the Sellers were still the legal owners.

My Sell Fast Realty Agent, Evelyn Good, was following the property as it was her listing and she immediately noticed that something seemed wrong.  She checked the court records and found out that the Bank who made a huge foreclosure mistake had rescinded the sale and immediately contacted me.  After reviewing the information, I informed Evelyn Good to go get the listing and let’s sell it fast as we always do.  She went back to the Sellers, immediately got the listing and we placed it on the market.  Within 2 weeks we had several buyers.  The Sellers signed a contract with the same buyer who was trying to buy it from the bank for less than what she was willing to pay before.

Minor repairs were needed in the property in order for the buyer to obtain FHA financing on a mortgage.  The buyer agreed that she would pay for all the repairs which totalled up to a $1,000 or less.  The buyer asked that the Sellers do the repairs, however, Sell Fast Realty does not have the Sellers do the repairs unless they have the money and these Sellers didn’t!  When it came time to have the utilities turned on, there was an outstanding water bill due to someone tampering with the water.  The Buyer paid the $240.00 in order to get the utilities turned on.  Again, the Sellers are in foreclosure and they have no money.

The closing was on Monday, September 19th after two short sale approvals extension due to the fact that the buyer’s new mortgage company couldn’t close on time.  The Sellers received no money on the property, as they did not qualify for the HAFA program which could have given them $3,000 because they vacated the property for over 1 year.  However, Kimberlee Frank of Sell Fast Realty did get them a full satisfaction on the loan from what the bank agreed to take as a short sale from what was owed on the property and the bank waived the deficiency judgment.  In spite of the bank’s foreclosure mistakes, it turned into a win-win!

Here is the testimonial from the seller:

If you are a Seller and your property has gone to foreclosure, I ask that you check the court records and see who owns it?  Did your Bank do the same thing to you and make a foreclosure mistake?  Did the Bank rescind the foreclosure sale?  If you need help to find out if you still own the property, feel free to contact or call 407-888-3433.

Know all your options about Short Sale versus Foreclosure, go to and download your Free Special Report.  This report always discusses how you can Save your Home!

In conclusions, Banks foreclosure mistakes allow Sellers to have a fresh start. If it wasn’t for Evelyn Good’s knowledge, experience and kind heart, these Sellers would have never known until the bank started to sue them for what was owed on the property in the future.  They don’t have to worry whether the bank can come back after them on a deficiency judgment for 25 years.  As a Broker, this is the knowledge and experience that I teach all of my agents when working for Sell Fast Realty Our #1 Focus is YOU!

Kimberlee Frank – Licensed Real Estate Broker and Expert Negotiator

(407) 888-3433

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